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Witness the beginning of the end.

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With the Earth overpopulated and polluted, a group of twenty premier scientists must depart on a mission to explore Asha, a distant, uninhabited planet that may offer solutions to humanity's burgeoning problems.

But when they arrive at Asha, the scientists are brusquely greeted by a mysterious human military force that imprisons them with no explanation. They find that during their journey, a faster ship not only delivered humans to Asha, but those humans defeated Earth in an interplanetary civil war. With this war and the discovery of an inexplicable link to mankind's past, the team finds Asha holds more mysteries than answers.

Astrophysicist Cyrus Chamberlain is among those who left behind their old lives and risked everything on this journey. Unfortunately for Dr. Chamberlain, he finds that even if he survives the many challenges this new world holds for him, he may have already lost more than he ever imagined



"There will be no losers in the roda tonight."



Nightfall is a collection of seven stand-alone stories in the Dusk timeline that explore humanity’s fight against its greatest enemy—itself.


After surviving of half a millennium, the rugged Martian inhabitants throw a massive celebration in the face of impending doom, while a young anthropologist in search of the heart of the Martian zeitgeist discovers his own latent passion.


A con-artist on a distant human colony stumbles across an intriguing piece of alien technology. When he is given no choice by his victims but to correct the damage they believe he has caused, he finds that he is left with one deeply disturbing option.


Fourteen inhabitants of Los Angeles in a distant future who find their very different lives connected by an unlikely but commonplace item.


A man in a nightclub is approached by a mysterious stranger named Oskar, who opens the conversation with a simple but earnest, "I killed a man today."


A professional fighter battles not only for his own pride, but also for the pride of a nation on the brink of economic and social collapse. In an epic match to secure aid, he finds that society not only needs heroes, but the heroes also need the collective, driving force of society.


A family of the future travels to retrieve a household android that has shut down. The family finds in repairing the android, that it is not the only thing in their lives that has malfunctioned and is in need of attention.


An empty shuttle from the Mars colony arrives at an Earth-orbit space station with the last recording of the scientists there–a heart-felt love song. As the operators investigate, they uncover a love story that inspires the rich culture that persists for over 500 years.



"Never laugh. Never smile. Hunt the gowk another mile."



For Detective Johan DeGraaf, the morning of April 29th, 1904 began with a foreboding gale wind, a kidnapping, and a homicide—all before arriving at the station house.

The search for the abductee, a young H.P. Lovecraft, leads DeGraaf on the trail of a mysterious Prince Khan, a bizarre crystal, and a clandestine underworld of intrigue and debauchery centered around an ancient alien evil older than humanity itself.



The end is closer than you think.



Speculative Fiction Worldbuilding and Character Development

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The goal of Cosmogenesis is to discuss worldbuilding and character generation in my own work with some room for reviews (with a focus on the crafting of the narrative) and other musings about constructing mythos, setting, and plausibility.

I love worldbuilding and put a great deal of energy and time into its development, but I feel, particularly in science fiction, that it is vitally important that the shaping of those worlds is dependent upon the choices that humanity, or beings that exhibit aspects of humanity, make.

Ashanti Luke
About the Author

Ashanti is the author of the Dusk Trilogy, Aiwass, and Nightfall and has had stories published in Kasma Science Fiction, Scribes of Nyota Mystics, First-Person Magazine, and Horror, Humor, and Heroes.

He has worked as a writing instructor for Richmond’s Podium Foundation and currently holds a position as an English professor.

Ashanti lives in the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia with his wife and five children and is member of the Alliance of Independent Authors

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BooksSpeculative Fiction with a Human Heart

Science fiction is not just about spaceships and aliens. Science fiction, at its core, is naked, essential humanity taken outside of the box we expect to find it in, and placed in imagined environs under an unapologetic lens.

I write character-driven science fiction that, hopefully, expands the consciousness while also arousing the imagination.

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