Ashanti Luke

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Science Fiction with a Human Heart

Science fiction is not just about spaceships and aliens. Science fiction, at its core, is naked, essential humanity taken outside of the box we expect to find it in, and placed in imagined environs under an unapologetic lens. I write character-driven science fiction that, hopefully, expands the consciousness while also arousing the imagination.

Aiwass and Nightfall are currently available in paperback through Amazon. Ebook versions are in production and slated to be available by May. Paperback and new ebook editions of Dusk and Kindred Spirits are also being developed and should be available by June. The original editions of Dusk and Kindred Spirits are currently available in ebook.

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Dusk Timeline Novella

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Short Story Collection

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Trilogy Book 1

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Kindred Spirits

Sci-fi Suspense Thriller

Kaiju Publishing
P.O. Box 1434
Colonial Hgts, VA, USA

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